This year Adelco hasbeen manufacturing and innovating textile dryers and printers for 50 years!  –  Printmachines4all startet as a textile printer 42 years ago and start in 2020 as a seller.
Both compagnies Adelco and Printmachines4all work together with Chinese manufacturers who are able to innovate the most modern techniques at very competitive prices in our market.
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2 family businesses with more than 92 years of experience in Textile Printing


Latest News in the printing industry

New is our 3rd generation mini DTF printer and dryer, with filter box and software and 3 months of free help and support with your start-up.

The new mini DTF works from the roll on the 300mm width and is faster than its big brother on the 600 mm width.
At a third of the price compared to the larger 600mm printer, this is a great investment if you want to produce transfers a few times a week.

If you need more than 4 hours every day to produce transfers, we recommend the bigger brother, which better meets all your needs due to its film width and higher resolution. Ask us for a free demonstration. We sell you machines with experience and continue to support you with warranty and service.
Our products are widely used in the packaging industry, the advertising industry, ceramic decal, circuil boards, membrane switches, glass, plastics and other industries.

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