How did we start ?


We would like to introduce ourselves to you. Our family company was founded in 1986 and is still active as a screen printing company. Thanks to many years of experience and development, we are a modern printing company in the Netherlands that was one of the first screen printers to produce ecologically.
Our specialty is textile printing, where we now produce from a hand carousel to a fully automatic machine and even completely digital. We have various departments in printing techniques and employees trained for this purpose in our own company. Now that a lot of production is outsourced in Eastern European countries, we have started to specialize in the development of printing machines, working together with a number of large companies in China, among others, with us as a back partner to build very high-quality and modern machines. This is so successful that we already have distributors in many European countries who deliver our machines to their customers.
Our motto is therefore: Buy affordable machine with know-how. Our goal is to have our own brand (printing machines4all) known throughout Europe within 2 years in Europe. Call or make an appointment with one of our distributors, which you can find on the Distributors page.

2020 …

Starting from 2020 there will be more machines which can be seen in a live demo and also can be ordered. Keep following us and be the first to give 2020 a productive start !


Who are the people behind the scenes?​


Jelle van der Mijl

Algemeen Directeur

Jochem van der Mijl

Sales Director

Jos van der Mijl

Sales Manager