4 Colour Pad Printing Machine with Conveyor




Big sized pad printing machine with rotary, conveying products by rotary type turntable. Products can be continuously two-color printed, Running a circle can finish one time overprint. Comparing with shuttle pad printer, it come to a high steps. It can print bigger products with 4 color with fastly and steady.It is suitable for printing electronic products, plastic shell, hardware products, stationary, small arts and crafts, logo on the surface of gift and toys


1.Auto 4-digit counter built-in,and stat. Printing quantity

2.Worktable, printing head and ink tray can be adjusted X.Y.Z direction

3.Sucking ink and the pressure of printing pad can be adjusted independently .

4.scrapper stroke can be adjusted

5.The speed of all the cylinders have an independent regulator intortum

6.Each adjustable location has scale logo

7.Unique machine body hold-up design,it is convenient to adjust machine and change steel plate

8.it has the function of forbiding the pad fallen when no air pressure enter into

9.The machine is running fastly,it is steady and low voice

Main Parameter

Model TXC4-175-150
Operation Semi-Automatic
No. of Color 4color
Working Station 12Pcs
Working Table area 90×125mm
Standard Plate Area 100×75/150(mm)
Max Printing Speed 1200(pcs/hr)
Power Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power Consumption 50W
Air Pressure: 6 Bar
Machine Dimension: 122x95x138(cm)
Weight 255kg