Aluminum Vacuum Table For Screen Printing Machine/Digital Printing Machine/CNC/engraving Machine



The vacuum table is a kind of workholding accessories used for securing a workpiece to setting up a screen printing machine, engraving machines, CNC milling machine, etc. Vacuum tables secure a workpiece by suctioning it to the table with a vacuum chamber. This allows the mill to machine everything but the bottom surface.

Vacuum adsorption platform is an aluminum honeycomb structure, made of aluminum alloy material, the surface has good flatness, the platform has the advantages of a lightweight, high strength, high rigidity, bending resistance, anti-flexion, etc. High flatness, small deflection, high adsorption force, scratch resistance, and abrasion resistance.



1.Large flat surface
Vacuum adsorption platform plate size up to 1950 * 3950mm (more than this size can be spliced). With good flatness and deflection, the flatness is generally controlled within 25 filaments, and the minimum is up to 10 filaments; the deflection value is less than 10 filaments under an increase of 30 kg.

2.Quality light bearing significant
The vacuum adsorption platform adopts an aluminum honeycomb structure and all aluminum alloy materials are used. The density per square meter is about 25-35 kilograms. 30 kg weight is not deformed.

3. Suction is even
The vacuum adsorption platform has been optimized to ensure that the performance of the platform is not affected and that the suction force at any position on the platform is even.

4.Scratch resistant
Vacuum adsorption platform plate surface has a variety of treatment processes, namely fluorocarbon PVDF powder, anodizing, hard oxidation,
According to the actual needs, the hard oxidation process is the most scratch resistant and wear resistant, and its surface hardness can reach HV500-700.

5.Customer settings
Vacuum adsorption platform can be customized according to customer needs, whether it is the platform size, pore size and hole spacing, suction area, suction diameter, suction port number, interface or any partition, inhale alone or not Can be customized.



Vacuum table kit
Surface treatment
Hard anodizing
< 0.15mm
Panel aperture
Panel thickness
Panel hole distance
Floor thickness
Panel material
Aluminium Alloy
Suction caliber
Interface mode
Operating temperature



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