Automatic Four-color Printing Machine




This 4 Color 8 station Ratory T-shirt Screen Printing Machine is widely used in textile/garment screen printing industry, such as garments, T-shirts and sport cloths, bags, PVC and so on. Whole machine adopts desktop combination design to save room. It is particularly suitable for t-shirt shop, small business and individual printing shop etc.


1.This machine occupies a small space, and easy to print colors.

2.Screen frame can be precisely set to correct position by turning screws of adjusting system on printing head.

3.Location lock that helps lock the arm in place while in the printing position.

4.All Tubular Steel Construction. .


Model TX-YH-4P Diameter of machine 2.1m
Size of pallet 400*550mm Weight 120kg
Max frame size 450*600mm Dimensions(L*W*H) 2100*2100*1100mm
Printing height ≦5mm Packing size(L*W*H) 690*690*1120mm

Notes: we are always improving and innovating in technology and quality. All machines can be designed according to those given parameters and requests from customers. Parameters and instruction in this catalog are only for reference.




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