Automatic Printing Ink Shake Blender



Features and Performance:

1.Small size,save space.

2.Compose with main vibrator,container press cover and microcomputer controller and so on,is suitable to 0.5-20L all kinds of can/barrel.

3.Max load weight is 30kg.

4.With PLC micro-computer control—can choose and readjust the shaking time freely ,with long use life span.

5.Automatic clamp and bring different pressure to bear on the according to the can size,will not squish or stave the can.

6.High speed and thoroughly mixing—with up and down, front and back continuous multi-shake movement.


Model MDP-30C
Speed 1400r/min
Applicable range 0.5L-20L(paint in drum)
Shaking time 60/120/240s
Shaking frequency 680-710t/min
Power (mm) AC 220V  750W
 Gross Weight 245Kg
Body Size (mm) 1125*800*830

Notes: we are always improving and innovating in technology and quality. All machines can be designed according to those given parameters and requests from customers. Parameters and instruction in this catalog are only for reference.