Automatic Printing Machine




Be applied to architectural glass, decorative glass and other glass printing.


●Automatic loading, initial positioning, precise positioning, printing, unloading. It is easy to operate, and the quality is high.

●Printed materials transport by imported synchronous(同步的)lifting conveyor belt, smooth transmission, low noise, long life. This new design makes the belt installation and adjustment more convenient and good for maintenance.

●Second repeat positioning, adopting plate-wire and multi-point positioning system to ensure accurate alignment of various shapes of glass.

●Balanced pressure and automatic supply light printing scraping system to ensure the precision printing.

●Imported linear guide rail and synchronous toothed belt make Printed drive smooth, step less speed regulation

●PLC control system can be written.

●The machine is equipped with automatic warning devices and perimeter security protection switch, and can select Configure pneumatic mechanical safety protection devices to ensure safe production.

●Printing and off-grid adopts servo stepper system to make the printing fast, high precision, stable, without wavy configuration.


Model TX-GL1226SD Printing Thickness ≤50mm
Max printing area 1200*2600mm Wash version of height 400mm
Size of printing table 1500*3000mm Power 12KW
Max size of screen frame 1700*3300mm Size of product 9420*2000*1300mm
Model TX-GL1526SD Printing Thickness ≤50mm
Max printing area 1500*2600mm Wash version of height 400mm
Size of printing table 1800*3000mm Power 12.7KW
Max size of screen frame 2100*3300mm Size of product 9420*2300*1300mm

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