Barrel Curing Machine


TX-UV300PY Curing Machine




Scope of Application

UV curing is used whenever there is a need for curing and drying of inks, adhesives and coatings.UV-cured adhesive has become a high-speed replacement for two-part adhesives, eliminating the need for solvent removal, ratio mixing and potential life concern. It is used in the screen printing process where the UV curing systems are used to cure screen-printed products.

thism is mainly used for the curing of UV inks printed on various bottle, barrel and planar and curved surfaces.

Main Parameter

Model TX-UV300PY Max optical firmware size Φ300*300mm
Width of belt 300mm Speed of belt 1-10m/min
Speed regulation Electron stepless speed regulation Light power 5KW/380V
Conveyor belt motor power 60W/1P/220V Total power 5.4KW
Dimensions 2500*900*1350mm Weight 380kg

★Corporate Image

The primary advantage of curing finishes and inks with ultraviolet light is the speed at which the final product can be readied for shipping. In addition to speeding up production, this can also reduce flaws and errors as the amount of time that dust, flies or any airborne object has to settle upon the object is reduced. This can increase the quality of the finished item, and allow for greater consistency.

The other obvious benefit is that manufacturers can devote less space to finishing items, since they don’t have to wait for them to dry. This creates an efficiency that ripples through the entire manufacturing process.