Double Color Pad Printing Machine with Shuttle



Pneumatic pad printing machine to print speed, environmental mute, this machine

USES the microcomputer automation processing system program is flexible and reliable operation, fully USES the precision pneumatic and electronic components, and hardening of the bearing and shaft rod factory of name. Fuselage for aluminum alloy die casting machine really durable, simple operation, unique advantages head printing height adjustable object, convenient oil pan ink steel blade and plastic head, can adjust at will the printing area, all models are equipped with safety board, power supply cut off the system and safety protection, comply with international safety and environmental standards. Printing effect is delicate and very suitable for small area, concave and convex surface and other printing method is difficult to work, so the pad printing machine widely used in electrical appliances, plastics, toys, glass and other industries.


1.With mirocomputer-controller, semi-automatic, utility function, and the operating procedures are flexible and reliable.

2.Base for each inking pan can be adjusted independently at X and Y angle, with accurate chromatograph and improved production effciency.

3.The body of the unit adopts the die-cast rack of aluminum alloy and is both portable and solid.

4.The safely rubber sheet and emergency cutof system of power supply are provided so as to make unit comply wirh the international industrial safety standards.

5.With multilevel-controlled, and is satistied with different requirement of the printing speed.

6.Use the oil cup to inking , pro-environment and easy todisassembly and assembly and clean. Economize the ink.

7.It is setted 4-digit number auto-counter, and is convenient for recording the quantity of the printing products.


Model TXC2-125-100 TXC2-200-150
Operation Semi-Automatic Semi-Automatic
No. of Color 2color 2color
Working Station 1Pcs 1Pcs
Working Table Area 200×125mm 200×125mm
Standard Plate Area 100×75/150(mm) 150X100/150X200(mm)
Max Printing Speed 1500(pcs/hr) 1500(pcs/hr)
Power Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power Consumption 50W 50W
Air Pressure 6 Bar 6 Bar
Machine Dimension 79x42x135(CM) 87X43X135(CM)
Weight 98kg 102kg

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