Double Side UV Light Exposure Machine



Exposure machine is a contact exposure imaging device used to make printing plates. It uses pressure (including atmospheric pressure and mechanical pressure) to make the original plate and the photosensitive plate closely fit, so that the image on the original plate can be accurately exposed through photochemical reaction. System on the photosensitive plate. The exposure machine is mainly composed of a light source device, an exposure chamber, a vacuum chamber, electrical parts, and a base.

Double Side UV Light Exposure Machine

Product Introduction

1. Vacuum device: equipped with a 1.2 liter vacuum pump, the pumping speed is super fast, and the screen frame can be sucked firmly in a short time.

2. White wax film: transparent white wax film can be used to expose both sides.

3. Exposure machine shutter: Equipped with an automatic shading shutter and a built-in exhaust cooling system, which can radiate the heat of the lamp in time to extend the life of the lamp and achieve a good printing effect.

4. There are two sets of lamps, two sets of ballasts and triggers.

5. Exposure machine iron plate: 1.2MM thick iron plate, thick body

6. Imported reflector, the reflector is like a diamond reflective surface, so that the lamp tube can be refracted to the four corners to ensure uniform light intensity.

7. Cooling device: built-in exhaust cooling system, which can dissipate the heat of the lamp in time, thereby prolonging the service life of the lamp and achieving a good printing effect

8. Light source of plate printing machine: The lamp adopts professional iodine gallium lamp, which is particularly durable, with stable spectrum, long service life, low power consumption and short printing time

Technological Parameter

Model Voltage(kW) Max.Screen Frame(mm) Machine Weight(kg) Machine Size(mm)
TX7090 220V/1.75kW 600*800mm 100kg 700*900mm
TX90120 220V/2.75kW 800*1100mm 125kg 900*1200mm
TX12150 220V/3.75kW 1100*1400mm 150kg 1200*1500mm

Product Advantages

1. Automatic air extraction, automatic exposure, automatic timing

2. Double-sided exposure, dual lamps are independently adjustable, and meet the requirements of single-sided and double-sided exposure at the same time!

3. This machine has automatic air extraction, automatic exposure and automatic timing. It can continuously expose the screen.

4. It can be used to print PS plate, PNA plate, stainless steel plate and other automatic photosensitive plate equipment.

5. Easy to operate, fast-start high-power UV lamps are used for the printing light source, the light intensity is stable and uniform, and the ultraviolet spectrum distribution is consistent with the characteristics of the printing plate, supplemented by a stable vacuum compressor system, vacuum adsorption, and special recovery performance. Good, effectively guarantees fast printing speed and clear screen.

Principle: Use a vacuum pump to extract the indoor air to form a vacuum pressure in the room to force the printing plate and the manuscript to close to the glass plane, and then the light source exposes the photosensitive layer of the printing plate within the predetermined exposure time. After the exposure is completed, the air is automatically released, and the plate is exposed. To complete the whole procedure.

Usage Steps

1. First open the upper cover, wipe both sides of the glass with a multifunctional glass cleaner a little, wipe and clean thoroughly (especially the first time use).

2. Connect the power cord of the exposure machine to the power source correctly, check whether the grounding wire is well grounded, and the power plug is at 4 square wire, 220V Socket with ground wire.

3. Turn on the main power switch, and the power has been sent to the whole machine.

4 Put the screen (or steel plate) to be exposed on the appropriate position of the glass, and put the two suction ducts on both sides of the screen (avoid put it on the screen pattern or be pressed by the screen, otherwise it will affect the printing quality) or put a pipe on the side of the screen, pay attention the catheter cannot be pressed against the screen pattern. Pull down the upper cover slowly and lock it firmly.

5. Adjust the exposure time, choose the appropriate time according to the screen pattern and different photosensitive materials.

6. After choosing the time, the rubber on the top cover will be slowly sucked and pressed against the screen in about one minute.

7. At this time, the printing time work begins, and all the procedures of the digital printing plate machine are completed automatically.

4. The moving door will automatically return to its original position. If the screen needs to continue to be exposed to the screen, do not turn on and off the power supply. The screen can be exposed for several hours.

8. After use, turn off the power switch after 5 minutes and pull down the plug of the printing plate.

9. Wipe the glass again to keep it clean.

10. After the power is turned off, instant start is prohibited, and restart after 3-5 minutes.


1. There is no need to unplug the plug for a long time.

2. After using the exposing machine, turn on the power switch at the specified time.

3. To keep the working surface clean and dry, wipe it with a soft and delicate cloth after use.

4. Keep ventilated and dry, and don’t put corrosive materials together.

5. It is not suitable to be placed in high temperature and humid places, generally 5–40° is better.

6. When disassembling and replacing the lamp tube, open the back door, loosen the light box fastening screw, and pull out the light box. When disassembling and replacing the lamp tube, do not touch the lamp tube of the exposing machine with your hands to prevent fingerprints on the lamp tube and affect the luminous efficiency. You must wear clean gloves for dismantling.

7. The continuous exposure time shall not exceed four hours.

8. When the exposure is over, do not turn off the power of the main switch immediately. After the fan cools down the lamp (two minutes), turn off the power of the main switch of the exposure machine.

9. The glass finish, flatness and transparency of the exposure machine are different from ordinary civilian glass, and there must be no scratches or bubbles on it. During use, do not put any sundries on it to avoid scratching the glass. Wipe the glass with absorbent cotton soaked in wine or a lint-free cotton cloth to maximize its service life.

10. The blanket is one of the main sealing systems of the exposure machine, and its performance directly affects the quality of the exposure. When picking and placing the PS plate on top of the printing plate, please handle it gently to prevent the edge of the PS plate from scratching the rubber blanket sealing strip and affecting the air extraction effect. Generally, after purchasing a new exposure machine, it is better to put a layer of velvet cloth or a thin woolen cloth on the blanket of the exposure machine. Firstly, it can improve the air permeability of the blanket, and secondly, it can avoid the blanket when exhausting. The pattern is reverse-printed on the glass, reducing the labor intensity of the operator’s frequent wiping.


The printing lamp, glass and blanket are not covered by the warranty.

All other machine parts are covered by the warranty, and the warranty period is one year.


Product Photograph

Double Side UV Light Exposure Machine Double Side UV Light Exposure Machine
Double Side UV Light Exposure Machine Double Side UV Light Exposure Machine