Fully Automated Piston Printing Machine



★ Performance

Powered by precision servo motor and highly stable pneumatic source, full automatic piston printing machine driven by motor and pneumatic source to finish the auto movement of the workpiece and the alternating movement of printing, with reasonable structure and complete functions, simple and easy operation. It takes only every 6~8seconds to print a qualified piston with a diameter of 65~110mm. The equipment can record the production quantity of the product, the printing quantity of the template and the scraping strip.

★ Application: Specially applied to coat and print the graphite on the surface of pistons of automobile engine.

★ Overall layout

★ Equipment constitutes

1、Autobalance Squeegee system

2、Screen stencil plate fixing system

3、Three-station turntable rotating system

4、PLC+ Touch screen control system

5、Robot loading and unloading system

6、Double stations feeding system

7、Single station belt discharging system

★ Parameters


Item Automatic piston printing machine
Model TX-HS6003S
Machine spec 4000×2000×2300
Work cycle 6-8s/pcs
Max printing diameter 110mm
Min printing diameter 65mm
Clamping accuracy ±0.1mm
Printing accuracy ±0.1mm
Operation interface Touch screen man-machine interface

★ Details of mechanical parts

1、 Squeegee system: Japanese-designed printing head, thickened material and strengthened rigidity to ensure the printing stability

2、 Screen plate fixing system: Increase the size of material and rigidity, meanwhile cancel clamp the screen by cylinder so that the screen is fixed more firmly.

3、 Three-station turntable rotating system: Change the servo motor to cam splitter turntable intermittent rotation, which accelerates rotation of 3-station and makes the positioning more more accurate. Printing fixtures manufactured according to the spec of the work piece, adopts quick-install and quick-release structure, ensures the firmly installation, high precision and convenient storage.


5、 The sensor at the clutch change to the code disc structure, and the C-type photoelectric switch is adopted to make the piston positioning more accurate.

6、 The three stations on the turntable are clearly marked and cannot be erased

7、 Distance between loading station and ground:1100mm

4、Electrical control section

a. Airline plug is used at the wiring connection, the wire number is clear and reasonable

b. PLC adopts OMRON expandable module

5、Robot loading and unloading system

loading and unloading robot adopts FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iD, ensures accurate and reliable loading and unloading

6、Double station chain plate feeding system

Each chain plate convey two pieces of pistons, intermittent motion with photoelectric detection control. And the accompanying clamp (two pieces) is installed on the chain plate, manually place the piston in the clamp, and the piston is positioned to the designated station for the robot to grasp in turn. The single delivery time of the double station chain board is about 4s, and the delivery time is sufficient to ensure the smooth operation of the workpiece. Considering the installation space requirements, an empty station is reserved between each station.

7、Single station belt discharge system

It adopts one-by-one conveying method, simple and efficient. And improve the original aluminum profile of the piston transfer mechanism to be a steel structure, enhances the stability during operation.


No. Item Brand Place of origin
1 Touch screen 伟伦10.4 inch Japan
2 Cylinder SMC Japan
3 Solenoid valve SMC Japan
4 Servo motor Omron Japan
5 Driver Omron Japan
6 Brake cable, etc. R88A-CAKA005B Japan
7 Photoelectric Sensors Omron Japan
8 Liner Guide HIWIN Japan
9 Control switch Omron France
10 Control switch Schneider France
11 Proximity switch Omron Japan
12 Air source connector SMC Japan
13 Breaker Schneider France
14 AC contactor Schneider France
15 Air pressure regulator SMC Japan
16 PLC Omron CJ1M Japan
17 Cam splitter SANKYO Japan

★ Accessories list

1 Power cable Standard PCS 1
2 Feet switch Standard PCS 1
3 Phillips screwdriver Standard PCS 1
4 Wrench Standard PCS 1
5 Allen wrench Standard SET 1
6 Tool box Standard PCS 1
7 Drawing SET 1
8 Circuit diagram SET 1
9 Manual PCS 1 Maintenance