Hand-Held UV Curing Machine




1)Can be used for floor paint curing, model, handicraft, scientific experiment, etc.

2)Alien UV curing, model, handicraft molding etc.

3)Suitable for furniture, floor surface polishing, site construction, etc.

4)Applicable to UV glue, laboratory and temporary simple construction maintenance.

5)For synthetic marble surface toughened glass.


The characteristics:

1)beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, save a space,reliable quality and wide use safety, convenient operation.

2)This machine can be moved to work,,strong,optional gender ,Flexible,Defect is relatively low efficiency.

3) Import source reflector, refractive UV light mostly,Strengthen curing effect.

4)Advanced cooling system, ensure the temperature, prolong the service life of the tube.


Technical parameter

Model: TX-UV-H1 TX-UV-H2
Irradiation Distance 80-200mm 80-200mm
Power Density 80-120W / cm 80-120W / cm
Spectrum Peak 365nm 365nm
Lamps high-pressure mercury lamp, 1KW high-pressure mercury lamp, 2KW
Cooling Method air-cooled exhaust air-cooled exhaust
Optical Measuring the Range of Values 1000-9500mJ / cm2 1000-9500mJ / cm2
Power Supply Single phase 220V 50HZ Single phase 220V 50HZ
UV Lamp Power 1KW 2KW
Tube Length 230mm 400mm
Fluorescent Tubes and Light-emitting Area 125mm 250mm
Lamp Life 800H 800H
Source Weight 15kgs 21kgs
Light Box Weight 7kgs 8kgs
Overall Dimension(electric control box) 360L * 164W * 246H 460L * 164W * 285H
Overall Dimension(light box) 341L * 160W * 285H 341L * 160W * 285H
Outer Size 450L * 430W * 350H 650L * 470W * 430H