Heat Transfer Machine Hat




This heat press machine is suitable for transferring large size images on cloth, t-shirts, bags, pants and similar flat surfaces made of textile, knitting, non-woven, chemical fiber or cotton materials,metal sheets, adornments, etc. It can make the working more efficient.



1.Adopting movable heating plate to speed up the operation and increase efficiency.

2.Workbench fully demonstrated for the more accurate and accurate location.

3.Heating plate adopts a a special design to make the more even heating.

4.The working table can used for the sublimation of products.



Model QX-B4
Printing Area(cm) 40×40 40×50 40×60 50×60 60×80
Voltage(V) 110/220
Power(KW) 3.0 3.5 3.8 4.0 5.0
Temperature Range(℃) 0-399
Time Range(S) 0-999
Weight(kg) 110 135 145 160 170
Dimension)(cm) 125×80×65 125×80×65 145×90×65 145×90×65 156×100×65

Notes: we are always improving and innovating in technology and quality. All machines can be designed according to those given parameters and requests from customers. Parameters and instruction in this catalog are only for reference.