Hot Melt Glue Book Binding Machine J380



desktop book binding machine

Products Introduction:

Main Features

1. Suitable for office or school using occupies small area.

2. LCD display,easy operating and straightforward.

3. Metal structure with aluminium alloy body

4. Micro-computer control, Fault self-detection, beautifull and durable long

5. Liquid crystal display, fault self-detection capabilities.

6. Documentation management, use systematic, the most appropriate professional tools.

Technical Parameter:

Model J380 desktop automatic perfect binder
Product type: Semi-Auto
Binding Thickness: 0.5~35mm
Cutter forms: Saw-tooth hob
Dimension: 582*560*233 (mm)
Weight: 56 kg
Power Supply: 230V ± 10% 50HZ,110V ± 10% 60HZ 1kw
Binding Capacity: 120-140 books/ hr

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