Huge Vertical Silk Screen Exposure Machine




It applies to the large format silk screen frame exposure.


Features and Performance

1.Fast and complete exposure system. The light is intensive, stable and uniform. Exposure pattern lines are ultrafine.

2. The Imported sealing blanket is soft, elastic and durable. Sealing and adhesion are excellent.

3. High quality vacuum compressors makes recovery performance excellent.

4.After vacuum suction process completed, the exposure process starts, then these two processes finish together.

5. Vacuum clamping device makes halftone compress the negative. The pattern of halftone is very fidelity by ultraviolet radiation.

6. Vertical light irradiation, vacuum and independent lighting lamp, front and rear shift, exposure time can be set.


Main Parameters

Model TX-SB1623L TX-SB1824L TX-SB1832L
Exposure Area of glass 1600x2300mm 1800x2400mm 1800x3200mm
Max. Size of Exposure 1400x2100mm 1600x2200mm 1600x3000mm
Standard Light Source /KW 3N 380V5KW