Hydraulic Program Control Paper Cutter



Product introduction


1. Import the main motor, to provide strong power; import hydraulic valve parts to ensure quality;

2. Easier to cut, suitable for thick paper cutting;

3. External fine-tuning, convenient and quick;

4. Programmatic design, paper, paper cutting time, push paper size calibration points can be set at will, a number of self-test functions, fault code display, counting function, program-controlled can be set 99 sets * 7 knife program;

5. Ensure the accuracy of push paper, more stable use;

6. Front infrared safety protection design, rear shield protection, in line with CE standards, more secure operation.

7. Infrared laser indicator Line, clear and clear.

8. Cutting size is not allowed to directly computer repair, the domestic exclusive first.


Model 5208K
Max.Cutting Width 520mm
Min.Cutting Width 30mm
Cutting Size 80mm
Packing Size 1470×1120×1020mm
G.W 430kgs