Manual Bottle Screen Printing Machine



This machine with manual operation, cheap, low noise, reliable, is designed and manufactured by our factory, which is the best option for individual households and small businesses.

Main Parameters:

Model TX-X2
Max Frame(mm) 320*370
Max Diameter(mm) φ160
Max circumference(mm) 200
Max printing Size (mm) 200*240
Dimensions(L*W*H) 680*480*350
Weight(kg) 30


Details of 1100S Pneumatic cylindrical/conical screen printerprinting samples and company pictures,etc.)



Factory Show




Q:How to assemble and use CR-7?

A: There is a instructiontion of Cr7 in SD card in box. We also can help you assemble and use process online if you get some problems when assemblling and using.

Q:Which format of file should I choose, and if I dont know how to get and use the software. What should I do?

A:Don’t worry. We can send you software online and tell you how to use till you understand these softwares completely.

Q:Where is the manufacturer?

A:Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province of China.

Q:Can I printer everything I want? How long does it take?

A:Sure! That’s why it called 3d printer. Printing everything in limited size and materials. About the printing time, it depends on the size of model.

Q:Why Cr-7 price is more expensive than other Prusa I3?

A: There are some elements effect price, the structure materials, the nozzle, the resolution,etc. For Cr7, We use Proprietary technology, High qualtiy mendal max structure;4mm Toughened glass heated bed; MK type nozzle introduction of Melzi tech; 4 stepping motor introduction of Japan; Patented Liner bearing transmission system in China.