Manual Screen Stretching Machine


Manual Screen Stretching Machine



The manual screen stretcher is used to make the stencil.It can stretch the polyester mesh on the screen frames , so the machine is a important equipment in making stencil process.


1.easy frame size adjustment;

2.corner softening capabilities while under tension;

3.compatible with essentially all frame types;

4.stretches directly from the bolt of fabric;

5.utilizes a wide locking bar for easy use; special training or tools required;

7.maintenance-free design.

Technical parameter

Model A Stretcher


Model A350 A500 A600
Width of clamp 350mm 500mm 600mm

Model B Stretcher

Model B250 B300
Width of clamp 250mm 300mm

Model Stretcher



Air Cylinder Stretching System, adopts the unique clamping head designed by our factory, which is powerful, with adjustable pressure, not easy to separate with the net.Pneumatic operation of whole machine, with the entire closed gas circuit, supply the same pressure to each clamp. Using the device can not only offer a variety of stretching tension, but also making the tension uniform, which is particularly suitable for the producing of chromaticity printing plate and high precision single / double-sided circuit board plate.

Model C300
Width of Clamp 300mm
Air Cylinder φ50*80
Max. Stretch Pressure 30+5/-0 N/cm