Monochrome Automatic Roll to Roll Printing




This machine is widely used in PET, PVC, IMD ,transfer paper (film), floor heating film, geothermal film, electrothermal film, color paper, film, name plate, flexible circuit board, mobile phone keys, 3 m glue, glue, film switch, trademark laser, scratch CARDS, self-adhesive stickers, paper, aluminum foil and copper foil this roll material silk screen printing.

2. Main machine feature

(1) Multicolor printing, automatic photocell eye counterpoint, computer control, automatic detection color code, if have any abnormal , it will stop automatic.

(2) Using numerical control motor, printing speed, return to the ink speed can be set in a random block.

(3) Using numerical control motor, printing distance, return to the ink distance can be set in a random data.

(4) Automatic computing printing, and calculate the qty, and printing can be set automatically stop.

(5) Photoelectric control feeding and discharging to avoid the surface damage of substrates, can improve the printing quality.

(6) Using Japanese brand precision apparatus, electric eye precision is high.

(7) The machine is equipped with dust roller, can clear the dust on the material.

(8) This machine is equipped with off-grid function, printing large impression and glue, to prevent the frame stick.

(9) The machine adopts three-step suction device, can according to the requirements of printed materials, which can adjust the strong winds, weak wind, shut down.

3. The dryer features

(1)Circulating hot air drying, temperature adjustable, automatic winding.

(2)The oven cover an small area, 32-60 meters length, which can realize low temperature drying, ensure printed material no shrinkage deformation, multicolor printing.

(3)Dryer body with insulation layer , heat insulation.

4. The Feeder features

(1) Photoelectric control feeding, avoid the surface damage of the material.

(2) Feeding speed, time, can adjust at will.

(3) The feeding starting speed, can adjust at will, start frequency starting from 0 up to run slowly, avoid the start too fast, cause the material surface scratches.

(4) Equipped with an automatic protective device.

5.Machine technical parameter

Automatic Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine
Model CP-4060 CP-5070 CP-6080
Screen printing machine Table size (L*M)mm 1530*450 1530*550 1670*650
Max input width(mm) 410 510 610
Max printing (L*W)mm 600*380 700*460 800*580
Max frame size(L*W) 1000*600 1100*750 1200*900
Max printing thickness (mm) 0.05-0.3 0.05-0.3 0.05-0.3
Voltage(v) 380 380 380
Power(kw) 2.5 2.5 2.5
Air pressure(kg/cm²) 4-8 4-8 4-8

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