Portable UV Curing Machine




It can be used in UV glue curing, laboratory using and provisional simple construction and maintenance, and it is easy to take.



1.This device is enjoying good-looking, small and exquisite, good quality, easy operating and so on.

2. This dryer is movable and portable; the disadvantage is with low efficiency.

3. It uses import light-source reflective mirror, which can reflect UV light and enable to enhance curing efficiency.

4. Advanced cooling system can prolong the lifetime of usage.

Main parameter

Irradiation Distance 80-200mm
Power Density 80-120W/cm
Main Peak of Spectrum 365nm
Lamp(high pressure mercury lamp) 250W
Cooling Mode Air cooling exhaust
Scope of Lighting 1000-9500mJ/cm2
Power AC 200/220V,45-60HZ
Power of UV Lamp 250W
Total Length of Lamp 100mm
Lighting Area 35mm
Lifetime of Lamp 800H
Packaging Dimension(mm) 400L*310W*250H