Power Paper Cutter


Product information

1.It is easy to cutting for the pasteboard with oblique knife.

2.Keep tight for pressing paper with the independent structure.

3.The design of cutter external fine-tune and conveniently

4.Keep steady for pressing paper with the device of double guide.

5.Due to previous infrared safety protection design and back defend cover,it comply with CE standards,

6.Intelligent LED Display,Press paper,cutting time.The calibration point of pushing paper size can be arbitrary set;have self-test function,fault code display and counting function.

7.Program control can be set to 99 groups 7 times.

8.Infrared laser pointer lines, clear cutting knife bit.


Model 520H
Max.Cutting Width 520mm
Max.Cutting Thickness 60mm
Precision ±0.5mm
Clamp Paper electric
Push Paper electric
Safety IR
NW. 228kgs
GW. 284kgs
Packing Size 1180*1090*970mm