Screen Printing Flash Dryer



This semi auto drying machine for t-shirt screen printing is used to dry T-shirt ,and other cloth or fabric product.


1. Adopt infrared medium wave lamp tubes: fast start-up, strong penetration, drying speed is fast, not only can apply to the water-based plastisol drying, but also can be applied to plastisol ink drying;

2. Each heating lamp tube are equipped with independent switch with indicating lamp, can intuitively control the opening number of lamp, don’t influence between lamp tubes each other;

3. The machine is compact and flexible, the drying head can rise or fall,can be applied to all automatic screen printing machine drying requirements;


Model:  TX-YH-IR
Power supply: 220V ,50Hz, 4.8 kw
Drying Size: 500*600mm
Dimension: 530*670*650mm(the height can be adjusted to 950mm)
Size of package: 800*6000*1450mm
Gross weight: 40 kg

Notes: we are always improving and innovating in technology and quality. All machines can be designed according to those given parameters and requests from customers. Parameters and instruction in this catalog are only for reference.