Screen Tension Meter



1.Brief introduction of instrument:

Measuring apparatus this adopt accurate transmission device that develop newly, can make the instrument in measurement steady accurate reading the necessary data fast. this instrumental error values in positive and negative 1 Newton scope.

In the screen printing of network monitoring silk screen version of the manufacture and use of the process Screen tension values may also be used for other needs Plane tension measurement products.



1.Before using please put the tension meter on the glass and turn round the dial to make the pointer return to zero.

2.Flick the silk screen during measuring, the indication when the pointer stopped is the tension of the silk screen.

3.Tension meter is precision meter, fall and touch is forbidden, be careful during using.

4.Tension meter has been tested precisely when leave the factory, dismounting alone is not allowed.

5.Can’t touch the bottom side contactor by hand, put the machine vertically without using.

6.The Newton indication is the indication of the tension’s contactor, the error is +0.5N

7.The indication of the second circle is the measured value during measuring.