Small Electric Paper Cutter



Performance Features:

1. Roulette paper, manual push paper;

2.CE standard design, front infrared grating safety protection, in line with product safety requirements;

3. Import the main motor, to provide strong power;

4. Double guide rod push paper structure, to ensure the precision of push paper, standard double-side rail, to ensure cutting requirements;

5. Double button synchronous operation, reset protection circuit, in line with the safety operation requirements;

6. Digital display knife front and rear cutting size, male and British switching;

7. The use of peak blade, cutting knife durable;

8. Highlight the knife line indication, easy to cut;

9. Stainless steel operating platform, durable.


Model 7208DS
Cutting dimensions 720×720×80mm
Paper pressing method Roulette Type Press paper
Push paper mode Manual
Show Digital display
Paper Cutting method Inclined Knife