UVLED Drawer Type Curing Box


UVLED Drawer Type Curing Box


★ Application

Compared with traditional UV mercury lamps, UV-LED light sources have shown great advantages in energy saving and process improvement. Large-area, high-power UV-LED light sources will be increasingly widely used. Covers optical device assembly, optical communication component assembly, semiconductor device assembly, medical device assembly, and home improvement industries applicable to point light sources. Printing: UV flatbed printing equipment, UV photo printing, inkjet printing, trademark printing, screen printing and other UV ink varnishes and UV ink drying and curing. PCB: PCB white oil exposure, PCB green oil exposure, PCB character screen printing; architectural home decoration: decorative glass, craftsmanship, ceramic tiles, wallpaper, marble, etc. UV coating and printing; optical fiber: optical fiber ink coloring and tape; for large sizes For the application of surface light source, our company will be equipped with a high-power water-cooled, compressor-water-cooled integrated machine developed by ourselves, which provides a guarantee for long-term, high-power and stable work.

★ Details




★ Parameter

Model TXUV-200
Power 100-3000mw/cm²
Dimensions 460*600*500(mm)
Weight 50kg
Drive type Cylinder drive
Control type Touch screen PLC control
Maximum load size 300*300(mm)




Main performance

1. Low energy consumption

2. The cooling method of LEDUV lamp is optional.

3. No ozone generation.

4. Drawer design is convenient for customers to put out products.

5. No noise. No pollution.

6. The operation is simple and safe.

7. Small size and light weight.

8. Very high energy and light intensity.

9. Low working environment requirements.



Features: optional surface light source with light output size of 30mmx30mm to 300mmx300mm, optical power 100-3000mw/cm²