How did we start ?

We started our company in the 80’S

Printmachines4all was founded by screen printers who started in the 80’s so we have years of
experience in the profession.
We as a family company always were interested in new modern techniques.
But screen printing is the last technique where modern digital techniques have been innovated in the printing process.
It was a big step and a difficult decission but the best one ever made. We stopped our own production in May 2022 with a plan to use all our experience time and focus for the purchase and sale of modern machines for screen printing and digital printing techniques.

We now proudly can say “We sell machines with experience”

A partnership has been established between printers and machine builders who now come together where knowledge and technology finds eachother to build user-friendly machines.
We do things differently and believe that machine users can give the engineers the
best opportunity to develop safe and user-friendly machines. Because building and adjusting machines costs a lot of time and money, we have chosen to work with large machine manufacturers in Asia who have experience building machines for years. This enables us to supply machines at very competitive prices.
In order to realize the delivery times of production and transport as quickly as
possible, we have a large stock of machines which we can deliver directly from our warehouse.
And this is unique in our industry :
We believe that machines should not be bought from a brochure but should first be tested by experienced screen printers and give customers the opportunity to see and test machines live.
Our motto is therefore: Buy affordable machine with know-how. Our goal is to have our own brand known throughout Europe within 2 years.
Call or make an appointment with one of our distributors, which you can find on the contact us page. ​

2023 …

Starting from 2020 there will be more machines which can be seen in a live demo and also can be ordered. Keep following us and be the first to give 2020 a productive start !



Our warehouse...

We always do everything we can to keep as many products in stock as possible.
Check our stock and occasion page regularly, it is regularly updated.
Who are the people behind the scenes?​


Jelle van der Mijl

Financial Director

Jochem van der Mijl

Sales Director

Jos van der Mijl

Sales Manager / Logistics