Hot Melt Adhesive main components, that is, the basic resin is ethylene and vinyl acetate in high pressure copolymerization, and then with adhesives, viscosity regulators, antioxidants and other hot melt adhesive

1. Usually solid at room temperature, when heated to a certain extent, melt into a liquid once cooled to below the melting point, and quickly become a solid.

⒉ has a fast curing, low pollution, strong adhesion, the adhesive layer has a certain flexibility, hardness, but also a certain degree of toughness; The

⒊ gel is applied to the adhesive layer after cooling and curing on the adhesive, and can also be heated and melted The

⒋ is re-turned into a adhesive body and then bonded to the adhesive, with a certain degree of re-stickiness; When used

⒌, as long as the hot melt glue is heated and melted into the desired liquid and applied to the Sticky object, The bonding curing can be completed in a matter of seconds after

⒍, and the degree of hardening cooling and drying can be achieved within a few minutes.

⒎ because its products themselves are solid, easy to pack, transport, storage;

⒏ solvent-free, pollution-free, non-toxic type;

⒐ and the production process is simple, high added value, viscosity and strength, speed and other advantages and greatly favored.

⒑ Hot Melt Adhesive has stable performance, high utilization rate of raw materials, fast production speed and high finished product rate. The advantages of small footprint and small investment in

⒒ equipment

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