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6090 Flatbed UV Ink Jet Printer

6090 Flatbed UV Ink Jet Printer

Ricoh G5i print head, long service life,UV-LED curing system

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6090 Flatbed UV Inkjet Printer

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Machine Description

Our P4A-6090UV inkjet printing machine adopts Toshiba CE4 print head has high nozzle density with 636 channels and a high driving 28.0KHz frequency (5pl max droplet ).

It can work at a printing accuracy of 1440dpi, with excellent dot placement accuracy and stable jetting with water circulation thermal control.

The Toshiba CE4M print head is compatible with UV curable and oil-based pigment inks.

• Higher driving frequency (especially at small drops)

• Excellent dot placement accuracy

• UV curable and Oil based pigment ink compatible

• Stable jetting with water circulation thermal control

An imported UV-LED curing system is adopted in this 6090 UV printer. This system conserves more energy, dries the ink instantly and ensures a longer service life of the printer. Besides, this printer can handle more soft materials and thus has a wider range of applications for base materials which does not need to be preprocessed.

Its movement system of X axis adopts server, Hi win linear guide, the double guide rails and four pieces of mute slide block structure, which make the carriage movement more stable, and the resolution of printing picture higher.

The use of high precision electric negative pressure system, reduce the compressed air usage more than 90%, which improves the service life of air compressor effectively.

LED water-cooling system can make the wick more durable.

Ink jet printing benefits

1. Easy operation: no plate-making, no requirement for operator with professional skills.

2. High printing speed: suitable for industrial batch production.

3. High precision perfect printing: highly restore the output image effect, to achieve the quality of the photo.

4. No limitation of materials: print any medium in the thickness, overcome the traditional printing method that can only use special paper and special specifications.

5. Personalized printing: getting the sample or products once printing with rich colors.

6. Automatic cleaning system: according to the choice of consumers , the printing heads can be automatically cleaned in various modes of cycle to prevent nozzle blockage.

7. Use non-VOC environmental friendly UV curing ink: clear and perfect printing quality, no bias color.The image is waterproof, sunscreen, and wear-resistant.

Technical Parameters

Model P4A-6090UV flatbed printer
Printing size 600mm*900mm
Media Thickness 1mm ~ 100mm
Printing heads Toshiba CE4, 5pl / Ricoh G5 optional
Print speed draft production quality
1.5㎡/hr 2 ㎡/hr 3.5㎡/hr
Print Resolution 1440DPI
Ink Cartridges Ink type UV Curing Ink(None VOC)
Capacity 1000ml ink cartridges
printing colors C M Y K LC LM
Print Head echnology Piezo inkjet printing
Curing System LED UV Curing lamps, life time 50000 hours

(Low heat,environmental protection,energy saving)

Software Output RIP
Language Chinese/ English
Image Format TIFF, JPEG, Postscript 3, AI, EPS, PDF etc
USB Connector USB 3.0
Image Format TIFF,JPEG,Postscript 3,EPS,PDF etc
Power 220VAC(±10%)Singles Phase,50/60Hz/3.5KW(10A)
Applied materials wood, Ceramic, acrylic, wood, craft, painting, glass, metal, crystal, leather, 3C product, PVC board, ABS etc.
Environment Separated workroom in good cleaning and ventilated condition

Ambient temperature: 18℃~30℃(64℉~86℉)

Constant humidity:30%~70%RH(Non-condensate)

Machine Size 1920mm(L)*1150mm(W)*1110mm(H)

Detailed Images


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图片1 图片3
Printing head Printing cost
Nozzles VS
Nozzle model Toshiba CE4 Ricoh G5 Epson DX5
Nuzzles 636 1280 180X8
Printing Width 53.7mm 64 mm 36.8mm
Nuzzle Distance 84.5 um 60 um 20.4um
Dot Frequency 28KHz 60 kHz 18 kHz
Grey Scale 8 Level 7 Level /
Ink Drop Size 5pl 7pl 3.5pl
Resolution 1440dpi 360dpi 1440dpi
Service Life 24-36 months 9-18 months 2-6 months
Price Approx. $1500 Approx. $3200 Approx. $1200
Nozzle stability No.1 No.2 No.3
Printing speed No.1 No.2 No.3
Purpose Industrial nozzle Industrial nozzle Civilian nozzle
Pros & Cons Longest lifetime, fastest speed, good rate,stable. Expensive, low resolution Easy clogging, shortest lifetime, lowest speed.


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