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Disposable Protective Mask Making Machine

Disposable Protective Mask Making Machine

Semi auto disposable protective mask making machine, capacity 100~200pcs/min

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Semi-auto Disposable Protective Face Mask Making Machine

disposable mask machine

Machine Description


This machine is a semi automatic machine to produce the 3-ply disposable face mask.The process is from raw material feeding,

ear loop welding to finish product. The whole roll of fabric is driven by rollers after unwinding, and the fabric is automatically folded and hemmed; the entire length of the strip is pulled and unrolled.

Then use the ultrasonic spot welder is used to connect the ear loop onto the body of face mask.

It is easy to install and commissioning with our online technical support.

We provide one stop service to help you setting up mask production line quickly.


Technical Parameters


Model TX-DP3 Material Aluminium alloy
Voltage AC220V 50Hz Power 3.5KW
Output 100~200pcs/hour Automatic Grade Semi- Automatic
Control Mode Photoelectric Detection HS CODE 8449009000
Dimension 3700*1100*2000mm Weight: Approx. 500kg

Machine Drawings

disposable face mask machine

ear loop welding machine

Production flow

disposable facial mask machine

Each part of blank mask making machine


Technical details

图片1 Figure a. Structure description:

1. This structure is the size of the cut nose

bridge. The length can be customized

according to different customer needs.

2.Welding melt-blown non woven(Horizontal)

图片2 Figure b. Structure description:

1. This structure is a mask folding mold.

The material roll passes the folding guide

wheel and then enters the folding section

to realize three -stage folding of the mask.

2, can be customized for different

customer needs.

图片3 Figure C. Structure description:

1. Horizontal side welding.

2. The mask body cutting of.

图片4 Figure D. Structure description:

1. The body eject belt line connects the

body slicer and conveyor.

2. The ion wind rod removes static

electricity from the body.

Associated equipment

manual untrasonic spot welder.jpgManual Ultrasonic spot welder ear-loop-welder.jpgSemi-auto Ultrasonic spot welder nose-strip-mounter.jpgNose strip mounter
封边机.jpgPly-up machine mask sterilizer.png Ultraviolet light sterilizer printer.jpg 

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