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Gasket Screen Printing Machine For Cylinder Jacket

Gasket Screen Printing Machine For Cylinder Jacket

Full automatic printing glue on gasket that is used for cylinder jackets of combustion engines or compressors.

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Full Automatic Cylinder Jacket Gasket Screen Printing Machine

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Machine operating onsite


1. Scope of application

It is suitable for printing sealing glue on gasket of cylinder jacket of engine or compressor. It could satisfy good sealing performance with high precision.

2. Technical parameters

Model TX-4080ST Printing thickness ≤50mm
Table size 400*800(mm) Air source 4.0~6.0 kgf/c
Max.printing size 300*600(mm) Power supply 380V/50Hz /2.3kW
Max screen frame 700*1200(mm) Dimension 1670*1050*1650(mm)
Capacity 1000(Pcs/h) G. Weight 422(kg)

3. Main Features

1). The device adopts the technologies of micro-computer chip, Individual drive for printing head and screen frame lifting to make itself working more stable, the operation of itself more convenient.

2). The contactors are CHINT brand, the approach switches are FOTEK (Taiwan brand), can be adjusted individually. satisfy the requirements of reliability and real-time control.

3). Main transmission adopts CPG motor, speed-regulate, stable running.

4). Select AIRTAC electricity, pneumatic control components for printing scraper and covering ink blade, with stable performance. Independent design structure results in easy assembly dismantling convenient cleaning;

5). The moving system adopts HIWIN (Taiwan brand) high precision guide linear, smooth running durable.

6). The working table adopts rectangle magnetic board for precise positioning.

7). Three operation modes of Manual/semi-auto/full-auto, digital control for printing suspend time.

8). Two screen frame clamps with inching system, which makes the machine easily adjusted and finds position accurately.

4. Product details

gasket Screen printing

cylinder gasket

stainless steel gasket


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