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Glitter Powder Spray Machine Combo For EVA Foam

Glitter Powder Spray Machine Combo For EVA Foam

EVA foam Glitter Powder spray machine attached with glue machine and dryer

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         Automatic Glitter Powder Spray Combination

(gluing machine + powder coating +Drying+Cutting)


1. Applications

Automatic Glitter Power Coating Produce Line is a post printing machine which can

be used to replace the traditional glitter powder technology. It has the features such as

easy to operate, no dust pollution, etc.  It is used for produce greeting card, EVA foam,

Spring Couplet, cloth, leather, Glass crafts, decorative picture, and so on.

2. Features

a. automatic gluing

b. automatic scattering wihout powder pollution, dust free

c. powder automatic recervy

d. constant temperature drying

e. occupies small area

f.  save time, high efficiency,

3. Parameters Overview


Total Power Convey belt width Powdering width Product Thickness
70KW, AC380V 1000mm 900mm 1-10mm
4. Machine Details

A. Gluing machine



This machine uses rolling transmission parts, glue plate can lift for different thickness of paper.

So it compact and stable performance, sensitive transmission, low noise, high efficiency and low labor intensity.

Power 400W
Speed 0-30m/min

B. Powder coating machine



The key components of this machine such as feeding belt, fan, frequency converter are all imported products,

so the machine is convenient for use and easy to adjust. All transmission components adopt stepless speed regulating,

so they are all durable.

Model Total Power Convey Belt Width Powdering Width Paper Thickness
TX-SF100D 2.1KW, AC 380V 3P 1000mm 900MM 1~10mm

C. Drying Machine


EVA FOAM dryer
Hot are circulating and quartz lamp heating Air cylinder lifting and closing


1. According to the requirement of drying products, the speed of belt can reach 1-20M/min .
2. It adopts imported transmission belt that with stands high temperature. The speed is at eady without crashing and noise

2. It can save space and raise work efficiency.


Belt Width 1m
Heating Length 8m
Total Length 10m
Transmission Speed 1-20m/min
Max Temperature 180℃
Power 380V36kW


5. Glitting Samples