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IR40L IR Drying Tunnel

IR40L IR Drying Tunnel

It is a stoving equipment in the printing process –  temperature curing solvent-base and heat-set ink printed on Papers, Plastics, Woods, Metal, Glass, Cosmetic , PCB,PET, PVC, Fabric , Clothes, Garment, Nameplate, Trademark, leather products, etc.

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IR40L IR Drying Tunnel,

Label : IR Lamp Dryer, Automatic Dryer, Conveyor Belt Drying Machine


1. Description

The IR drying tunnel a stoving equipment in the printing process –  temperature curing solvent-base

and heat-set ink printed on Papers, Plastics, Woods, Metal, Glass, Cosmetic , PCB,PET, PVC, Fabric , Clothes,

Garment, Nameplate, Trademark, leather products, etc.

It is widely used in many industries and also used in many occasions of drying or pre-drying printed or unprinted materials.



  1. 1. Adopted infrared heating lamp, fast heating and energy saving while having a long operating life could save about 70% of the drying time;
  2. 2. Using infrared heating, temperature uniformity and high efficiency ensure no deformation, no color, no cracking, no shrinkage and stable;
  3. 3. The independent control of IR lamp make long service life and less energy waste, save about 30% of energy;
  4. 4. Temperature can be controlled in each section to meet product requirements;
  5. 5. It can also connect with automatic production line, synchronous control and reduce defective, improving product quality;
  6. 6. The conveyor belt is made of imported antistatic heat-resistant, Teflon-coated fiberglass coating;
  7. 7. Constant temperature and the temperature is adjustable. High-volume circulation blower reduces energy costs;
  8. 8. Adopting the step-less governor, the conveyor belt revolution is steady;
  9. 9. Easy to install,  small volume, saving space and  construction costs, green substantive features;
  10. 10.It is no need to dry standing before and after drying  that speeds production more efficiently to cut polluted;
  11.  The temperature of the housing of machine is close to the ambient temperature, creating comfortable working environment and reduce energy wastage.



Conveyor width: 400mm Power supply: 380V 50H/60HZ / 8.0KW
Heater Lamp power: 1000W/Pcs Conveyor length: 4.0m
Feeding length: 250mm Discharge length: 250mm
Heating length: 1000mm Cooling length: Customized
Conveyor speed: 0-20(m/min) Adjustable Conveyor motor 1.5kw/3P/380V
Max. Temperature: 300 ℃ adjustable Fan motor 35W/380V*3
Machine size: 0.8M*0.8M*1.1M Certificate CE

TX IR40L Details


The IR drying tunnel is designed to work with automatic screen printing machine and powder coating machine, and is located at the end of a printing line. All machines can be designed according to those given parameters and requirements from customers. — from a basic dryer layout up to a fully automatic drying line including hot-air circulating and cooling section.

As the automatic IR drying tunnel is a very big and complex machine, it is always customized to your specific needs. We will gladly discuss all production parameters and requests.