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Rapid Rotary Silk Screen Printing Machine For T shirts

Rapid Rotary Silk Screen Printing Machine For T shirts

Micro-adjustment, Metal stand, Strong structure,high precision overprinting with multi-colors

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Rapid Label/T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine


High rapid tagless/label screen printer in textile industry,the speed can be up to 2000PCS/Hr,it is suitable for printing garment tagless or label,rotary worktable,very convenient to load or unload products,lots of customers like it very much because of high quality and low price.


1.PLC controlled,user friendly interface,clear function display and easy operation

2.Flat screen printing with infrared drying system.Suitable for different types of ink and small area screen frame printing such as T-shirt collar

3.Five station driven by step motor to insure stable and smooth running

4.Angle and height of squeegee and flood blade can be adjusted to insure consistent printing pressure

5.Adopts 5 stations rotary worktable,one for substrate loading and one for printing,two for drying and one for substrate unloading and five stations working simultaneously

6.With one cycle and auto function and switch easy

Technical parameter:

1.Max.printing area:120*180mm

2.Printing speed: 2000PCS/Hr


4.Machine size:1000*920*1450mm

5.Weight: 100kgs

6.Workstaion: 5 pieces

7.Drying system: 2 set