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Single Heat Press Carrousel

Single Heat Press Carrousel

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I. Technical parameters

Specification:40*60 cm
Voltage: 220 v
Electricity: 17A
Time range: 0-999sec
Temperature range: 0-399℃
Working pressure: 0-8kg/CM


Pneumatic rotary heat press four workstation can be sublimated, solvent ink color logo and
the heat transfer in such as cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, nylon fabric and ceramic products,
also can be flocking heat press and foaming printing process such as heat treatment, and
the low temperature low pressure line of the clothing and fabric glue, glue, such as clothing,
shoes and hats a lot is suitable for the production of large quantities of cutting piece, T-shirt

III. Product features:

Time control, temperature control, piecework function, manual/automatic mode in one PLC
programming touch screen, high accuracy, (±2℃).
Imported aluminum alloy casting heat conduction principle, energy saving, uniform
temperature, small coefficient of temperature difference.
Electronic digital time control, high accuracy, beautiful.
Pressure regulation free.

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