Electric Curing Machine


TXUV-1201L Curing Machine


★ Application

Electronics, precision parts, magnetic heads, optical lenses, LCD display boards, micro motors, medical supplies, handicrafts, optical fiber connectors, LCD, motors, hard disks and other emerging fields have a wide range of applications. Or it can be used with automatic or manual dispensing machine. It is a new generation product of traditional optical fiber high pressure mercury lamp type point light source machine.

Model TXUV-1201L
Luminous size 10*120mm
Dimensions 130*100*43mm
wavelength 395nm
Radiated power 0-4000mw/cm²
Cooling method Air-cooled



Main performance


①Configuration structure: light source plus power supply host.

②Safety and environmental protection: no mercury, no heavy metal harmful substances, and no ozone, safe, environmentally friendly,

Energy saving is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional light source technology.

③The temperature is low, the energy is high, the light output is stable, the uniform irradiation effect is good, and the production efficiency is improved.

④LG or Seoul semiconductor chip, quartz lens, 3535 lamp bead dislocation arrangement makes it receive uniform light and long service life.

⑤ Momentary switch: It can reach the maximum power UV output without preheating, and it can be restarted instantly after it is turned off.