High Precision Mesh Stretching Machine/ silk screen printing stretcher





Mainly suit for silks screen frame stretching of the industries of PCB, SWT Mask Laser, Glass, Bid board, EL&LCD manufacturing,membrane switch , etc.



1.The structure adopts aluminum girder and single rail or dual rail, with the imported aluminum clamp, to assure the high tension during meshing, and it is easy to expand and contract, to suit different size of screen printing plate during meshing;

2.Easy operation, evenly stretching tension during meshing, and the stretching area can be adjusted, so we can process many printing plates in the same time, which enhance the efficiency;

3.The screen mesh will not rubbed with the screen frame during meshing, which can lessen breakage,  improve economic returns;

4.Mainly applied to the industries of PCB,SWT Mask Laser,Bid board,EL&LCD manufacturing,membrane switch etc;

5.The general features of these industries are large quantities of stretching net,high stretching tension,high precision etc;

6.No need for external gas source, energy saving of high efficiency.


Main Parameters

Model TX-LW 1111 TX-LW 1115 TX-LW 1515 TX-LW 1520 TX-LW1525
Max Frame’s Size 1100x1100mm 1100x1500mm 1500x1500mm 1500x2000mm 1500 x2500mm
Max Tension 30N/cm 30 N/cm 30  N/cm 30  N/cm 30  N/cm
Cylinders 4 Pcs 4 Pcs 4 Pcs 4 Pcs 4Pcs