Manual Pad Printing Machine


1.Machine character:

It has many advantages,such us easy moving,low cost,high-precision,easy operation and so on without power.

It is suitable for cosmetic,text appliances,electrical component and the appearance decoration of goods such as printing trademarks,etc.

2.Technical parameter

Manual Open Ink well Pad printer


Model TX-200-150 TX-150-100
Operation Way Manual Manual
Max.Printing Area 80×130mm 80×80mm
Steel Plate Size 100×150mm 100×100mm
Max.Worktable Length 150mm 150mm
Level Stroke 100mm 100mm
Vertical Stroke 60mm 60mm
Printing speed 500pcs/hour 500pcs/hour
Weight 30kg 30kg
Packing Dimension 450*250*540mm 400*220*490mm


Manual Sealed Ink Cup Pad printer


Model TXD-200-150 TXD-150-100
Operation Way Manual Manual
Ink cup size φ90mm φ70mm
Printing size 70*70mm 50*50
Printing height 150mm 150mm
Printing speed 500pcs/hour 500pcs/hour
Steel plate size 100*150mm 100*100mm
Level Stroke 100mm 100mm
Vertical Stroke 60mm 60mm
Weight 25kg 25kg
Packing dimension 480*200*50mm 480*200*500mm


3. Details

ink well and ink cup pad printer



The Difference Between Open Ink Well System and Sealed Ink Cup  System

Pad printing – Principle of the open ink well system


1. The plate is doctor-bladed
2. The pad takes the ink from the plate
3. Positioned over the product
4. The image is impressed on the product


Pad Printing – Principle of the sealed ink cup system


1. The ink cup slides across the etched plate – Pad picks up ink from etched cells
2. Ink sticks to pad – Pad prints image onto substrate