Manual Sealed Ink Cup Pad Printer




Our factory has a long history in manufacturing, at present the product of our factory has been modified three times.

For satisfying the needs of users,we have been redesigned the overall appearance, technical specifications and printing

accuracy of the product.And its quality has improved significantly.It has no energy, easy to move, low cost, high

printing precision, easy operation, and other significant advantages for cosmetics, sports equipment, electrical and

electronic components and trademarks appearance decoration printing and other commodities.



Manual Sealed Ink Cup Pad printer


Model TXD-200-150 TXD-150-100
Operation Way Manual Manual
Ink cup size φ90mm φ70mm
Printing size 70*70mm 50*50mm
Printing height 150mm 150mm
Printing speed 500pcs/hour 500pcs/hour
Steel plate size 100*150mm 100*100mm
Level Stroke 100mm 100mm
Vertical Stroke 60mm 60mm
Weight 25kg 25kg
Packing dimension 480*200*50mm 480*200*500mm

3. Machine Details